Grooveshark will launch paid radio

Grooveshark will launch a “Pandora” style online radio. The streaming audio service, which has already been involved in several controversies for violating the copyright of bands and singers, will now launch a paid service for iOS and Android.

The tool is called “Broadcast” and will cost US $ 0.99 per month. According to executive president Sam Tarantino, the amount charged is cheap enough not to be needed in the user’s pocket and expensive enough to bail out the company, which is facing financial difficulties. Grooveshark claims to have 30 million users, which can generate interesting revenue for the company.

By building a separate platform, the venture will be able to use royalty rates imposed by the United States government, avoiding fights with record labels.

In addition to offering the possibility to create your own radio, the service will suggest new music related to the user’s taste and bring a chat option to chat with other people. For those who do not like advertising, good news: the resource will not have any type of advertising between songs. The forecast is that the audio service will be available in early 2015.

Via Engadget and The Verge

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