Google launches commercial with animals to promote Android

Google has found a new way to promote Android. Instead of creating a “geek” commercial appealing to resources and technology behind the operating system, the company launched a new ad that tries to convince new consumers through the emotional.

The advertising piece received the title of “Friends Furever”, a pun on “Friends Forever” (“friends forever”) and “Fur” (“animal hair”). The video shows several animals playing and interacting with different species.

The video is part of the “Be Together. Not The Same ”(“ Be together, don’t be equal ”, in free translation for Portuguese), which celebrates the diversity of Android, with so many different models for consumer choice. The campaign was also embraced by Google partners who manufacture smartphones with the operating system.

an indirect critical reference Apple, too. According to Google, meanwhile, Android offers a diverse and unique experience for each individual, allowing “different species” to interact, sh an iPhone and, when buying it, you “lose your individuality” to become one more among many who has the same iPhone.

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