Google creates system that saves Internet users from spoilers

Google is working on a solution to save Internet users from spoilers, good news for fans of serials who do not want to have their experience spoiled by the dissemination of information they have not yet discovered.

The company has received a patent for a system that monitors social media for spoilers and alerts the user when he is about to run into one.

According to the Quartz, the system would monitor the progress of the user in the series according to the content consumed by him on social networks – when connecting the Netflix account to Facebook, for example, the user can allow posts on the network that reveal this progress.

That way, Google would know where each person is at, and when it realized that it was about to find a spoiler, the company would be able to alert it by popping up, or blurring the content in question.


The user himself would have the power to flag any post as a spoiler and, if he wants to post information in advance, he could include a warning about it so as not to spoil the experience of his friends.

It is not yet known whether or not Google will implement this technology, nor how the company would use it through social networks that do not belong to it. To Quartz, a spokesman reminded that some ideas mature and others, no.

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