Google accuses Hollywood of trying to censor the internet

Google spoke out publicly against Hollywood last Thursday, accusing the film industry of trying to censor the internet. The company says the MPAA, the agency that lobbies for stadiums in the United States, is trying to revive SOPA, legislation that was rejected a few years ago.

The plan was revealed thanks to the Sony Pictures attack, which revealed exchanges of e-mails about the Goliath project, whose main target was Google, accused of facilitating the distribution of copyrighted material. The search engine says the stadiums were pushing the bar to block the free exchange of information on the Internet without even relying on new legislation on the subject.

Mississippi State Attorney General Jim Hood, directly involved in the story, tries to explain the situation. “We are saying that if a website has 90% of illegal material, it should not appear in the search results. We’ve been working on it for years, and Google knows it well, ”he explains.

The MPAA also outright rejected Google’s accusations, accusing the company “of shifting the focus from legitimate investigations on the company to facilitate illegal conduct, including the purchase of illicit drugs, human trafficking and fraudulent documents, as well as theft of intellectual property” , says the organization in a statement.

Interestingly, two years ago the Internet left the digital world to go to the streets to protest against SOPA and PIPA, two laws considered an affront to freedom of expression on the web. Legislation would make it possible to take down sites with pirated content without relying on court proceedings; however, critics complained that the scope of the law would allow any legitimate website to be taken down without a chance to defend itself.

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