Find out what information Google holds about you

Many users do not know or do not register, but when logging into Google or any other company service, a series of personal information is collected and passed on to advertisers to target advertisements and, consequently, earn more.

Where is this data stored? To have control over what Google holds, I need to access the your account history. At the end of the page, go to “Announcements“and click” Edit Settings “. There you can see not only demographic information such as age, sex and city, but also interests.


In addition, Google also maintains a history of its locations and searches and videos watched on YouTube. The good news is that in this case, it is possible to pause history storage. However, Google says that in doing so, some functions in Google Now and Google Maps may be limited (in the case of location) and that the history is not completely removed (in the case of YouTube).


To clear the history of searches and videos watched on YouTube, the company also recommends exclusion on the website itself and also in the user’s browser.


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