Filming for the next Steve Jobs film begins

The second biographical film about Steve Jobs finally started to come off the paper, as filming for the feature began.

THE CNET accompanied the Universal Pictures team as they worked on the first shots of the garage at Jobs ‘parents’ home, the original, which was aged for use in the film.

Based on the executive’s official biography, “Steve Jobs” features a script by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle. The film will go through three releases that have marked both the history of Apple and Jobs: Macintosh (1984), NeXT (1988) and iPod (2001).

The executive will be played by Michael Fassbender, while the role of Steve Wozniak, who founded Apple with Jobs in 1976, should stay with Seth Rogen.

The names of Kate Winslet and Jeff Daniels also appear, perhaps to give life to Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve’s wife, and John Sculley, former Apple CEO.

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