Facebook will warn user about favorite band shows near home

Facebook is preparing a tool to help people not miss shows from their favorite bands in nearby locations. The novelty was called ‘Signed Events’ and allows you to choose artists and favorite places and be alerted when the page hosts an event close to where the user lives.

Who is not used to viewing all event invitations, it is possible to receive notifications of specific events. The move could help sell more tickets for concerts and shows. Events or promotions from companies, sports teams, and other groups can also benefit from a new way of informing people about meetings.


On the artist or site page, the ‘Subscribe’ option appears under ‘Events’ below the like button. The dates will also appear in the ‘Events’ tab, as if the user had been invited to them. Facebook will still suggest the option for artists and pages liked by the user. As with liked pages, friends will be able to see which pages have been signed with the feature.

Via TechCrunch

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