Facebook will charge only for ads viewed

Facebook announced that it would charge advertisers on the social network only when users actually view the content. It may seem like a redundant idea, but currently advertising is charged even when it is in places where the user is unlikely to arrive, such as the final part of a page.

“We measure an advertisement print the moment it enters the screen of a desktop browser or mobile application,” says the network in a post on its blog. “If an advertisement does not enter the screen, it will not be counted as a printout.”

Brad Smallwood, vice president of measurement and perceptions at Facebook, said the strategy has been used on Facebook and Instagram for some time. When asked why it was released just now, the executive says it is an attempt by the company to push the industry into this concept.

Most valuable advertising

The initiative can also make advertising on the social network more valuable, since the advertiser is sure that its content will be viewed by the public. For Facebook the strategy is quite interesting. The advertisements shown in the News Feed are seen as the user scrolls down, even if he does not interact with the advertising, the person views the content.

The post also highlights that a series of partners are working on the project, such as the Media Rating Concil, which sets the standards for measuring advertisements and advertising agencies.

Via Facebookand Tech Crunch

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