Facebook changes ad system to go beyond click

This Tuesday (27), Facebook announced a new methodology for measuring advertisements on the social network. According to Facebook, the idea is to determine the additional sales that were made on account of the advertisements used in the standard used in advertising, which counts clicks / conversions and measures by correlation.

Also according to the social network, the industry is “backward”, considering that “marketers still use clicks frequently to measure all their online media”.

For the site, clicks do not correlate with sales in stores and taking into account Datalogix studies, Facebook says that 90% of people who saw an ad on Facebook and purchased it, never clicked on an ad.

Now, the new Facebook advertising tool allows you to use the new method for both online and offline sales. For this, the measurement uses a test group (people who see the ads) and a control group (people who do not see it) for each created ad. When the campaign ends, it is possible to determine which sales were driven by which ads and to see which conversion increase occurred within the test group.

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