Even more powerful, Xbox Series X matches PS5 results; why?

The entire Microsoft marketing campaign for the Xbox Series X has always hit a very clear key: the most powerful console in the world. Since the beginning, when the company announced the capacity of 12 teraflops in processing power, the message has always been that the games would run better on its platform.

Now, two weeks after the launch, that’s not what you see. Several of the multiplatform games, including those that have commercial agreements with Microsoft, show that the fight, for now, seems much more even than initially imagined. In some ways, the PlayStation 5 has proven to be superior in performance than the Xbox Series X, even though its technical specifications are not as robust on paper.

Those who point out these details are the staff of Digital Foundry, which has specialized in deeply technical discussions on video game performance for years. In comparison between the two platforms, it was possible to observe the PS5 surpassing in several analysis points in titles like “Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla”, “DiRT 5”, “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” and “Devil May Cry 5” .

The “defeats” suffered by the Xbox vary from game to game. In “Devil May Cry 5”, Sony’s advantage lies in the frame rate, with the Microsoft model facing more sharp framerate drops than the competitor. In the new “Assassin’s Creed”, the Xbox sometimes sees the rate drop below 60 frames per second, and even screen tearing can be seen in some instances.

In the case of “DiRT 5”, the differences are in the textures, with an obvious advantage for Sony in terms of graphic quality, which Codemasters itself has already recognized and promises a correction patch. Meanwhile, in “Call of Duty”, the PS5 advantage is in the 120 frames per second mode.

All this shows that, at the moment, there is no clear answer as to which console runs next generation games best. It is not the situation that Microsoft would like after spending almost the entire year hitting the “most powerful console in the world” key.

But why is this happening?

The website The Verge, in contact with developers who did not identify themselves, there seems to be an explanation: lack of time. Microsoft appears to have taken longer than usual to deliver development kits to the companies that produce the games, which has delayed production and reduced title polishing.

The fact that each game has a distinctive feature in that the Xbox surpassed by the PlayStation indicates that this is not a problem with the platform itself, but that it really is a matter of adapting who creates the games, precisely because of the lack time to get used to the tools. If the problem were consistent across multiple games, it would be a sign of something more serious with the system itself.

So it shouldn’t be surprising if, over time, and with the release of updates, multiplatform games on the Xbox deliver on the promise of running better than on the new PlayStation unquestionably. For now, things are still level.

But if time is so important for developers, why did Microsoft take so long to send the tools to them?

The publication understands that Microsoft has waited until the last minute to finalize the hardware of the Xbox Series X, in order to fully support the RDNA2 architecture, made available by AMD in its newest products. What is unclear at the moment is the difference that this technology will have and if it can affect the course of the “console war” with the advancement of the generation, since the PS5 does not have full support for it.

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