Europe wants to expand ‘right to be forgotten’ on the web to the whole world

After getting Google, Bing and other search engines to grant Internet users in its territory the right to be forgotten, the European Union now wants to extend the resource to the entire world.

Since May, search engines have been forced to disappear with links that are the target of complaints. This includes, in extreme cases, pedophiles who want news related to their arrest to stop appearing in searches for their name, negligent doctors who want to delete cases from the internet. Politicians are calling for removal of material against them, and companies are asking for the absence of negative evaluations of their services.

In just two months, only Google received 70,000 requests for “forgetfulness”, but they only affect local versions of the site, like in France and in Germany, which seems inefficient, because it is very simple to access the global version,, and check the complete content of the search engine.

“According to the legal and technical analysis we are doing, they should include ‘.com’,” he said Reuters Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, leader of the privacy organization in France. Google said it had not yet analyzed the terms to be presented by the European Union, but previously the company had disagreed with the need to take the right to be forgotten to the global version.

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