Disney Confirms Episodes VIII and IX for Star Wars

After Disney announced a new episode for the Star Wars franchise, “The Awakening of the Force”, it was the turn of the saga fans to gain two more reasons to celebrate. These are episodes VIII and IX, scheduled to debut in the coming years.

The information had been speculated for some time, but has only now been confirmed by Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO. Episode 8 is scheduled for 2017, while Episode 9 is due to be released in 2019. None of them have received a title yet.

Meanwhile, another movie from the Star Wars universe is confirmed for 2016. As for the story, it is known for now, that it will focus on the new characters presented in “The Awakening of the Force”.

“As one of the few people allowed to visit the set during filming and one of the few who saw most of the recording, I can guarantee that millions of Star Wars fans who spent the past decade waiting for a new movie, this one will be worth it’s worth the wait. And just the beginning of a new exceptional era in the saga, “said Bob Iger in an official statement.

“Star Wars: The Awakening Out” opens on December 18th.

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