Companies would be paying AdBlock to show advertising

If you thought that AdBlock Plus was the solution to the end of online advertising, know that some of the biggest internet companies would be paying money to show their ads with his help. For those who don’t know, Adblock Plus is an extension for browsers that blocks pop-ups and page advertisements, which consequently culminates in a smaller number of ad views.

According to a story published in the Financial Times, Bing (Microsoft’s search engine), Google and Amazon are just some of the names that have agreements with Eyeo, the company behind the extension.

To that end, Eyeo adds companies to a kind of advertising filter that “punctures” the block. However, the advertisements follow a less aggressive advertising criterion, as a kind of incentive to soften the tone of the advertisements.

While the free AdBlock Plus “white list” for smaller companies, web giants would be spending small fortunes to make the exception, according to the FT. Was it the end of the “escapade”?

Via The Verge

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