City that inspired Star Wars scenery enters the route of terrorism

The Tunisian city Tataouine, which inspired director George Lucas to create the desert planet Tatooine, is being used by members of the Islamic State as a crossing point for warriors to Libya. Located south of the country, Tataouine near the Libyan border, where about 4,000 ISIS soldiers are stationed, according to the Mirror.

The Foreign Office, a UK body responsible for the interests of British citizens, advised fans of the series to travel to the region. According to them, “there is a high threat of terrorism, including the risk of kidnappings”.

On March 18, two ISIS snipers attacked the Bardo museum in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, killing 23 people. Before that, three young men had already been arrested in Tataouine, suspected of planning to join the extremist group. Still in March, two weapon deposits were found in the region, including launchers of RPGs (rocket propelled grenades) and more than 20,000 ammunition shells.

The filming of the seventh film in the series, directed by JJ Abrams, took place in places like Ireland, Abu Dhabi and the United Kingdom, and did not pass through the country.

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