Chinese company accuses Apple of plagiarism in iPhone 6 design

DigiOne, a Chinese smartphone maker, released a letter earlier this week stating that Apple copied the design of its products in the production of iPhones 6. According to the company, the American company has infringed locally registered patents.

The aforementioned patent – which is part of a mobile phone project similar to the handsets of the apple – was sent to the China Intellectual Property Office in January and granted in July.

The Chinese says it has sent an Apple statement in which it questions the similarity of the devices. In the letter, he adopts a mild stance: he is willing to talk and says he wants to avoid intellectual property disputes.

Although similar, smartphones are quite different: in addition to the price (in China, the cheapest iPhone 6 costs R $ 2,200 while the DigiOne costs R $ 336), the Chinese has a 5.5-inch screen, runs a modified version Android and has a MediaTek 8 core processor.

This is not the first time that Apple has faced legal problems with Chinese companies that claim plagiarism. In 2012 the company had to shell out $ 60 million in Trademark fines for infringing intellectual property under the iPad brand.

Check out images of the DigiOne model:


Apple China Plgio iphone 6

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