Broadband in Brazil has an average speed of 2.33 Mbps, says Netflix

Netflix released this week the December ranking average speed of Brazilian broadband operators. As a result, the average speed of the six main operators analyzed (GVT, Live TIM, NET Virtua, Algar and Oi Velox) in 2014 was 2.33 Mbps.

With regard to the individual performance of each operator, Live TIM was the one with the best speed during the past year, with an average of 3.15 Mbps. The best month for the operator was in December, when Netflix saw an average speed of 3.44 Mbps.

Second in the ranking is GVT, with an average of 3.14 Mbps, followed by NET Virtua, with 2.62 Mbps. Algar, Telefonica and Oi Velox complete the list, averaging 2.11 Mbps, 1.48 Mbps and 1.43 Mbps, respectively.

The worst speed in 2014 was recorded in July 2014, when Oi Velox had an average of 1.22 Mbps.


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