Billboard includes streaming music to its sales ranking

Starting next week, the Billboard 200 ranking, which counts the best-selling music albums, will include data from streaming services.

With the help of Nilsen SoundScan, the magazine will carry out an analysis that transforms 1,500 plays of musical tracks into a sold album. The metric, according to the Wall Street Journal, is already used by record companies to do their internal calculations.

The system will only accept executions of paid modalities on services such as Spotify, Deezer, Beats Music etc. Free plans, but with advertising, will be left out. Executions that are not requested by the user – which occurs on the radio – and YouTube views will also be excluded.

The magazine will make yet another addition to the result: whenever ten tracks from the same album are sold separately, Billboard will interpret it as if the entire album has been marketed – another interpretation already used by the industry.

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