April 1: Popcorn Time claims to have been purchased by Netflix

Popcorn Time, known as the pirated Netflix, has become legitimate, if you believe in April 1 pranks. A group blog post says the pirated streaming service was purchased by the American company for $ 11.5 million, giving rise to Popflix.

The statement promises more details on Thursday the 2nd, but there is clear certainty that the only information that will arrive tomorrow is a confirmation that it was a joke and perhaps a video of singer Rick Astley singing his hit “Never Gonna Give You Up ”.

The joke says that Popcorn Time would not change for users, which does not make any sense. If that were to happen, the minimum that would happen, to keep the service free, would be the inclusion of advertising to monetize the tool in some way.

There is, moreover, the fact that Popcorn Time is not a company, but a group responsible for maintaining an open-source project to distribute pirated content. Even if, for some reason, Netflix absorbed this group, nothing would prevent other people from keeping the service operating in hiding.

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