Apple is ordered to pay $ 1.5 billion for infringing patents on iTunes

Apple was ordered to pay damages of $ 523.9 million (more than R $ 1.5 billion) company Smartflash, from Texas (USA), for infringing three patents used in iTunes without permission. The technologies in question refer to data storage resources and access management by payment systems.

Originally, Smartflash asked for damages of US $ 852 million (about R $ 2.2 billion) and accused Apple of intentionally using patents without authorization, since Patrick Racz, director of the creator of the technologies, presented them ten years ago Augustin Farrugia, who later became the giant’s security director.

Apple attorneys classified the amount requested as excessive and consider that the three patents are worth a maximum of US $ 4.5 million. “Smartflash doesn’t make products, it doesn’t have employees, it doesn’t create jobs, it doesn’t have an American presence and it’s exploring our patent system to seek royalties for the technology that Apple invented,” said Kristin Huguet, a spokesman for Apple, in a statement, “We refuse to pay this company the ideas that our employees took years to develop.”
The jury rejected the giant’s allegations that the patents were invalid, but Apple said it would appeal against Tuesday’s decision.

Via The Verge

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