Apple can help end free music streaming

Apple’s entry into the music streaming market could cause a drastic change in the way in which consumption of this type of content has occurred in recent years: free plans, paid for through advertising, may be over.

THE Billboard disclosed that record companies that signed contracts with Spotify are sorry and now want Apple to help them find a more profitable business model.

Meanwhile, the Re / code reported that executives of the apple brand, under the tutelage of Eddy Cue and Jimmy Iovine (creator of Beats Music), promise to reverse the “tide of free digital music” spearheaded by platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

As the Gizmodo, there are those who guarantee that Beats Music will be relaunched in June, during WWDC. Launched in the United States a year ago and acquired by Apple for $ 3 billion, the streaming service does not have free plans.

The possibility of a re-release stoked the record companies, but Apple wanted to charge less than Spotify, somewhere around $ 8 against the competitor’s $ 10. As the companies refused, Apple itself gave up on the plan so as not to have to swallow any losses.

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