Anti-advertising tool will no longer be active in Internet Explorer

For about two years Microsoft had been keeping Do Not Track active in Internet Explorer as standard, but now the company has decided to reverse this decision, in response to an old request from advertising companies.

DNT is a tool that, in theory, prevents visited websites from collecting information from the Internet user to pass on to their advertisers. In “theory” because whoever decides whether to respect the internet user’s will is the advertiser himself.

Few companies remain loyal to DNT and a large part of them refuse to respect the tool because they would only do so if the internet user himself, and not the company that owns the browser, decided to activate it.

Microsoft has spent all this time ignoring the request of advertisers who, in turn, ignore DNT. The feature is active along with the initialization of IE since version 10 of the browser.

The late change took place, according to a company statement passed by the TechCrunch, because the industry has changed its standards regarding DNT, making it clear that no company should choose the activation on behalf of the Internet user.

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