5 tips for choosing a product well on Black Friday

On the eve of Black Friday 2014, the Zoom website made a list of products that should offer great promotions during the event. According to the price comparator, it is possible that smartphones have the biggest discounts. TVs, notebooks, appliances, tablets and home appliances should also offer a reduction in prices. To get an idea of ​​the price reduction index in 2013, click here.

To ensure that the consumer is not deceived, the website will validate the real promotions with the Black Friday seal. Offers will be analyzed in real time and compared to previous prices, to prevent them from being inflated. Whoever chooses to make purchases through Zoom will also have a service to guarantee the receipt of the product or money back.

Check out some tips to choose well and ensure the perfect purchase:

1. Smartphones

Due to the large number of models available, choosing a smartphone is a task that requires a lot of attention. Set your expectations for use and look for a device that meets all the requirements necessary to perform these tasks well. Choosing an operating system is also important, as it influences available applications and compatibility with other devices.

2. Video games

When buying a video game, I need to think about two things: the console and its games. It is also important to take into account the age of the players. Some models have games with a greater focus on teenagers and adults while others are more intuitive and have controls designed for children, in addition to educational titles.

3, Tablets

Analyze the configurations of the available models and take into account the main tasks you want the device to perform. Also remember that for the device to be compatible with the smartphone it is necessary that they run the same operating system.

4. Notebooks

Before choosing a model, I need to answer some questions about the usefulness of the computer: if it is used to work, it is better to choose models with geis processors. To play, it is important to invest in a product with a powerful video card and more RAM.

5. TVs

Check the resolution of the TV: the difference between HD and Full HD is big. Also be aware of the resources offered. Those looking for a Smart TV should know if the model has a web browser that allows access to all sites. Some TVs offer restrictions in this regard.

According to a website survey, 56% of Black Friday participants intend to buy a smartphone, 43% want to buy a new TV, 29% are looking at a notebook, 23% on a sneaker, 21% on tablets, 20% in video games and 18% in air conditioners.

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