30 essential shortcuts for Facebook, YouTube, Gmail and Netflix

Keyboard shortcuts make browsing faster and easier for anyone on the internet. So we have below 30 tips published by the site Field Guidefor Chrome, PC and Mac. Anyone using alternative browsers may need to add the Shift key to some commands. But there are universal keys that apply in almost all browsers, like jek, used to scroll the screen up and down. Check out:


1. Double click on the video to go to open full screen mode instantly;

2. Use the space to pause and play the video;

3. Touch the numbers 1 The 9 to jump to 10% to 90% of the video length;

4. Click on + and to increase or decrease the subtitle size;

5. The key M you can mute or unmute the video.


6. Press Shift + ? to access a list of all site shortcuts like N to open the box again tweet, F to bookmark a tweet, R to open the response page, K to access previous tweet and L to close all open messages.


Facebook shortcuts can vary between browsers: you may need to use the key Shift at the Firefox or the Enter in IE. See the full list on here.

7. The keys 0 The 9 open the functions Help, Home, Timeline, Friends, posts, Notifications, Settings, Activity Log, About and Terms, respectively;

8. Click P to open the new status box;

9. Ç to comment on a status;

10. s to share a selected story;

11. Q to search for contacts in the chat;

12. / to open the search box;

13. L to like or dislike a post;

14. CTRL + J to mark a message as spam;


I need to enable some keyboard shortcuts in Gmail. The option is on the site settings screen. Check the complete list on here.

15. Ctrl+Enter sends a message;

16. Click ! to report spam;

17. Select F to forward a message. Clicking Shift+ F the user is able to forward the message in a new window;

18. Shift + N Updates the conversation when there are new messages.

19. Shift + Escreturns to the main window of a pop-up.

20. The key # moves the conversation to the trash

-> Gmail: get to know the history of Google webmail!


Outlook shortcuts also need to be enabled. Check out their complete list on here.

21. Ctrl + Shift + Yinsert an emoji in your message

22. / opens the search through the email box

23. s + THE selects all emails in the open folder. To deselect, click s +N

24. Shift + Idisplays the blocked content within a message

25. Click Ç to add a category to an email and Y to remove it.


With the replacement of Silverlight for HTML 5 on Netflix some shortcuts no longer work. Check out the ones that are still available:

26. Double-clicking on the video opens full screen mode

27. Enter starts and stops playing the video, just like the key Space

28. The arrows for up is for low adjust the playback volume

29. The arrows for left and the right advance and delay a video by 10 seconds

30. M enables and disables mute in videos

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