Without stocks, prices of new consoles soar in the parallel market

If you did not buy one of the new generation consoles during the pre-sale phase for any reason, but if you were interested in a new Xbox or PlayStation you must have realized that it is very difficult (not to say impossible) to find units available for purchase. The platforms were launched with very low stocks that sold out quickly, and normalization is only expected in 2021.

Then, all over the world, the shelves are empty. And those who make the party with it are only the resellers, who take advantage of the high demand and nonexistent inventory to try to sell some units at exorbitant prices. Brazil is not different.

One visit to sites like Mercado Livre is enough to observe how the so-called “gray market” is trying to take advantage of the situation while stocks at official resellers are not normalized.

The PlayStation 5 seems to be suffering more heavily from this type of steel with resale at abusive prices, possibly reflecting an even higher demand, or an even more scarce offer. The cheapest model, without a Blu-Ray player, has a suggested price by Sony of R $ 4,100, while the most expensive version, with a player, of R $ 4,700.

When looking at Mercado Livre, however, prices are quietly surpassing R $ 10,000; in one of the advertisements, the version with input for Blu-Ray discs reaches R $ 14.8 thousand. Some more p-no-cho salespeople announce the PS5 at prices closer to the official ones, ranging from R $ 6,000 to R $ 7,000.


Similar effect felt by those looking for the Xbox Series X. With a very low availability and forecast of stock normalization only for April 2021, the parallel market is totally willing to increase the price according to your preference. There are only a few sellers announcing the Series X, and the cheapest ad with prompt delivery is around R $ 7,000, which can reach R $ 7,900, while the official price is only R $ 4,600.


The only model that seems to have the price on the parallel market “under control” is the Xbox Series S. The console, which has a suggested price by Microsoft of R $ 2,800 in the official market, can still be found in retail, which puts a ceiling about how much independent resellers can inflate the price of the product. In general, the Series S is found in the Free Market at prices that fluctuate on average between R $ 2,700 and R $ 3,500.

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