Google wants to use email from advertisers for better advertising delivery

Google is negotiating with advertisers to obtain email addresses from users allowing for better targeting of advertising. The Wall Street Journal reported that Google tries to convince advertisers to deliver customer information, such as email addresses and people’s familiarity with certain subjects.

With the new strategy, Google could offer retailers privileges from certain search engine searches by users. The retailer, in turn, can also adapt its advertisements on the Google page based on other information about the customer, including age , gender, or past purchases.

A source familiar with the matter said that Google could use Gmail addresses to power people. Many users of Google services, such as Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps also offer secondary email addresses for the company. For now, advertisements would be limited to the search results and do not include banners or other types of advertising.

The advantages for Google and advertisers are obvious: better targeted ads would bring a greater possibility of sales.

Via Gizmodo.

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