Fan reproduces BB-8, from Star Wars, with spherical robot and magnets

The BB-8, the little rubric robot that stands out in the trailers for the new Star Wars movie, may seem like something that only exists in science fiction, but it is really and fully possible in real life. Proof of this came when an industrial designer named Christian Poulsen challenged himself to create something similar in his own home.

Poulsen took advantage of an existing technology, that the robot Sphero, developed by the company Orbotix, a ball that can be controlled by an application on the cell phone via Bluetooth. To make the head, it was necessary to put a hand inside the Sphero so that it remained fixed.

The whole process was completed in one day, and you can also assemble yours, as Poulsen made available the online guide to assemble your own BB-8.

If you don’t have the knowledge to assemble your own little robot, don’t worry. It won’t be long before it starts selling in stores. Orbotix, the company that develops the Sphero robot, has already said that BB-8 toys controlled by the smartphone should start selling from the end of the year.

Via Mashable

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