Disney uses auditory illusions to make voice acting more realistic

Dubbing has always been the stumbling block of major global film distributors and, even when the cost of producing high media, it is not always the result of this satisfactory process. However, Disney may have found the solution by applying a system of audio illusions to film recordings and cartoon productions, which is making the final result of the productions much more realistic.

The “visemas” are kinds of visual phonemes that allow different interpretations of the speech sounds, that is, the movements of the characters’ mouths can represent more than one sentence when fitted in different visual contexts. See the video below as the effect in practice:

The technique applied by Disney has been known as the “McGurk Effect” since 1976, when the psychologist Harry McGurk published a study in the journal Nature on auditory illusions involving human speech. See more about auditory illusions in the video below.


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