Brazil already has more smartphones than computers

According to the 26th Annual Information Technology Report, released by Fundao Getlio Vargas, Brazil has more smartphones than computers, notebooks and tablets in use: there are 154 million smart phones, against 152 million computers. Of these 152 million, 24 million are tablets.

Among the devices listed as computers, Altogether, the country has 306 million devices connected to the Internet, a total of approximately three devices for every two inhabitants of the country, which places Brazil above the world average of devices per inhabitant.

THE 26th edition of the Annual IT Use Survey from FGV also shows that since 1988, the number of computers in Brazil has doubled every four years. Thus, the document predicts that, in 2017, Brazil will have 208 million computers, which should be equivalent to one PC per inhabitant.

The study also shows that 2014 marked the first time in thirty years that PC sales declined. This year’s result was 10% lower than in 2013. The survey speculates, however, that the sale of computers in 2015 will be 8% higher than the previous year, thanks to the growth in the sale of tablets, which account for more than half of the total sales value in that category.

With regard to televisions, Brazil currently has 212 million sets. This represents approximately 26 TVs for every 25 inhabitants (104% per capita), which places Brazil above the world average.

Use of IT in companies

Still following the survey, the percentage of company revenue invested in information technology has tripled in twenty years. In 1994, companies invested an average of 2.5% of their sales in this area; in 2014, this percentage was 7.6%. Among banks, that number jumped from 4.5% in 1994 to 13.8% last year. In the publicly traded industries, every percentage point invested in IT corresponded, on average, to a 7% higher profit after two years. .

The survey also revealed that Microsoft continues to dominate corporate computers, both with its operating system and applications. Currently, 97% of companies use Windows on their computers, and 71% use the operating system also on their servers.

Internet Explorer is also used as a browser in 85% of companies (against 8% using Chrome and 6% using Firefox), and 74% of them use Outlook as a solution for corporate digital communications (second is Lotus, with 8%, and Gmail in third, with 7%).

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